Homeless [Coffee] Beanies (Coffee Beanies) is a social enterprise that aims to sell ‘good coffee for good reasons’. Coffee Beanies provides opportunities for people who are homeless to learn, earn and work their way out of poverty.

The objective of Coffee beanies is to:
i) develop and test a new and different model to traditional support to homeless, newly housed and longterm unemployed people
We believe this project takes a different approach to supporting homeless, newly housed and longterm unemployed people. It has been developed alongside them to give real opportunities to people in a supportive environment. The development of the project will encourage other organisations to look at homelessness and supporting homeless people in different ways, ways in which they are helping themselves.
ii) to directly support homeless people through their involvement in the project    
We will support people who have little or no work exposure or qualifications to develop hands-on experience as well as accredited qualifications. We will be able to provide opportunities for homeless, newly housed and longterm unemployed people to run their own business and develop enterprise skills – it will be a fabulous life experience – offering structure, something to get out of bed for and opportunities to actually achieve in life.

Our aim is to improve the lives of homeless, newly housed and longterm unemployed people, raise aspiration and better outcomes through the opportunity to work with and potentially run a Coffee Beanies cart.

Through the Homeless Beanies Hub, we are able to provide coaching, guidance and capacity building support to start-ups and new initiatives providing employment to homeless or newly housed people. It’s founding project provides beanies for a homeless person, for every beanie sold and to use the proceeds from the sold beanies to provide practical support to those who need it most.

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