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You can now buy our specially roasted 'beanie blend', roasted by our good friends and roasting partners Shiloh Coffee Roasters to enjoy while relaxing at home. Our 'Beanie Blend' is also brewed and sold on the road from the coffee cart and in our Storehouse Cafe from our Beanie Barista Bar. Charities, companies, churches and community groups can order a universally palatable blend that has been specially roasted for those settings. You can buy your coffee as beans or already ground for espresso machines, aeropress, V60, cafetiere, percolator. We don’t keep coffee in stock, all orders are sent directly from our roasters, so it will be fresh and rich with flavour (but it might take a day or so to send out to you). We sell individual 250g bags along with seasonal flavours and gift sets - visit the store and see what you fancy.


There's nothing worse than offering a friend or family member a cup of your finest 'beanie blend' coffee, only to discover that your supplies are run low. You can avoid this by signing up to our monthly subscription package and enjoy our delicious freshly roasted coffee, delivered to your door.

Our monthly subscription package (paid via direct debit) includes:

  • A 500g or 1kg bag of coffee (sent out to you in either 2* 250g bags or in 4* 250g bags.)
  • A welcome gift
  • A 10% store voucher code to use at our online store (this applies to other products on our store as well as coffee products)
  • Regular updates from the Homeless Beanies team and our Beanie Barista's

*our subscription plan is flexible and can be amended at bimonthly intervals.

We roast and post coffee on the 28th of each month to ensure you get Fresh coffee at the beginning of the month.

All coffees are sent by second class Royal Mail Postage.

* Choose to receive a coffee of your choice each month, or select head to the store and buy one of our 5 bag (250g) coffee packs. To change your selection email us at


We're delighted to be working alongside Shiloh Coffee Roasters. to bring you the Beanie Blend and specially roasted blend for your organisation or community group.

Shiloh Coffee Roasters believe that a good cup of coffee should not come at the expense of the farmer or the roast and that is Shiloh work with ethically sourced coffee from farmers around the world. Shiloh love people and believe that everyone should have a life that is filled with all the basic needs like water, food and clothing as well as education and hospital care. They are constantly looking at ways to make this happen so that coffee farmers and communities surrounding farmers are changed through that cup of coffee.

"We are always looking to improve that cup of coffee in your hand so that it tastes like it should do. We are always learning and pushing ourselves to get that amazing cup so that you can enjoy really excellent coffee." - Shiloh Coffee Roasters

What we do

On the road

We are currently working on launching our first coffee cart on the streets of Bradford.

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At home

You can now buy our specially roasted 'beanie blend' to enjoy while relaxing at home.

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In your community

We love taking our 'beanie blend' to community events both locally and nationally.

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Are you homeless, newly housed or longterm unemployed? Join our team.

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Register your interest in volunteering as a Beanie Buddy & become a mentor.

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Do something amazing, partner with us & become a 'beanie friendly business' today.

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